International conference
“Classical and modern geometry”
April 22-25, 2019

Dear colleagues!
We cordially invite you to to take part in the International Conference "Classical and Modern Geometry" in honor of Vyacheslav Timofeevich Bazylev on his 100th birthday which will be held  22-25 April 2019 at the Moscow Pedagogical State University (Moscow, Russia).

The Conference is organized in the following sections
Section 1. Geometric structures on manifolds.
Section 2. Geometry and its applications
Section 3. Continuous and discrete structures
Section 4. Geometric aspects in the preparation of teachers of mathematics

Scientific Committee: co-Chairs: Lubkov A.V., Fomenko A.T., deputy chairmen: Atanasyan S.L., Shelekhov A.M. 

Arkhangelskiy A.V., Harutyunyan S.K., Balashchenko V.V., Bacho Sandor, Velimirovic Ljubica, Vitolo R., Karfi D., Kirichenko V.F., Klimentov S.B., Krasilshchik I.S., Kushner A.G., Lychagin V.V., Maksimenko S.I., Matieva G., Mikesh J., Mirzoyan V.A., Mishchenko A.S., Mladenov I., Panzhensky V.I., Sabinina L.L.,  Sabitov I.Kh., Stepanov S.E., Timoshenko V.V., Tuzhilin A.A., Fomenko V.T., Formella S., Huru H., Shabbat G.B., Shevchenko Y.I., Ükl M., 

Organizing Committee: Karakozov S.V. - chairman, Guseva N.I., Polikorpov S.A. - deputy chairmen, Chuikova N.V., Denisova N.S., Ignatochkina L.A., Luk'yanova E.V., Nikiforova A.V., Rylov A.A., Teslya O.Yu. Tsarev A.V.

Requirements to abstracts

An abstract must be written in the TeX format (LaTeX 2ε). The length of an abstract should not be more than one page in the A4 format and for an abstract you must use the ollowing parameters.

\documentclass[11pt, twoside]{article}

We require that for your abstract you follow the sample. You should simply replace the text in example with your text. Figures in abstracts are not allowed. The Organizing Committee warns you that abstracts longer than one page and not following the rules indicated above will not be accepted.

The files of abstracts must be uploaded from your Personal Office. (Please do not send your abstract via e-mail!) You will get an access to your Personal Office after your registration. To upload your file, you should

enter your Personal Office,
click on “Loading Abstracts”,
click on “Browse”,
find the file with your abstract,
click “Upload”.

Your Personal Office allows you to save the last version of your abstract in the database. If you would like to replace an old version of your abstract with it's new version, you should simply upload a new file from your Personal Office following the procedure outlined above. The name of the file must have the extension “tex”. Please do not upload PDF or DVI files. 

Abstracts will be accepted until March 15  10, 2019.

Conference materials (articles on mathematics) will be published in the VINITI works, followed by posting on MathNet and publishing a Springer in a year, which will be reflected in Scopus.

To be placed in a collection of papers, articles must be submitted in the format TeX (LaTeX 2ε). Instructions for registration is in this document. You can get acquainted with the example of registration by the link.

It is also planned to publish a book, which contains memories of V.T. Bazylev and his main works.

The opening of the conference and the first day will be held in the main building of the Moscow Pedagogical State University at the address: Moscow, ul. M.Pirogovskaya, 1. Further meetings of the conference will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics of Moscow State Pedagogical University at the address: Moscow, ul. Krasnoprudnaya, 14.


Accomodation: TBA

Contacts: Nadezhda Ivanovna Guseva.

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